I practise volleyball four times a week and I like this sport. I also like watching it live or on TV. That is why my mum really surprised me with a trip to Paris to watch European Championship between Slovenia and Serbia.

I went there with my sister and my grandma. My parents had to work. At 7pm, we met in Ljubljana and set off to Paris, we travelled 16 hours. The day we arrived our players had a day off.

We were very tired so we just explored the hotel neighbourhood. We had lunch in McDonalds. The next day we took the underground and saw the Eiffel Tower. This is the highest building in Paris – about 324 m high.

I was really impressed by this sight. We did not go up but we decided to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is also very big and still in renovation phase, already in good condition after the great fire.

We did some shopping like souvenir magnets and pendants.

Then at 5 pm that day, we slowly made our way to the sports hall. There were many people and it was very noisy.

We put on tattoos like sign »Slovenia«, Slovenian flag and waited for the match to begin. It was so exciting!

The first set Slovenian team won, but at the end, they lost 3:1. The team was very disappointed, but not me. I think the second place is also a very big achievement for our players and Slovenia.

At the end of the match, we took some pictures with the players.

Trip to Paris was an interesting experience for me. I enjoyed the match and was very proud to be there.

I am also very grateful to my parents that they made this possible to me. I will never forget that day.

Written by: Sara Halilov

BESEDILO in FOTO: Sara Halilov, 9. a