Pri pouku angleškega jezika so sedmošolci pripravili zanimive govorne nastope. Nekateri učenci so bili še posebej pohvaljeni, saj so njihovi govorni nastopi tako po vsebini, besedišču kot tudi predstavitvi izstopali od ostalih. Eno od teh besedil si lahko preberete na naši spletni strani.

My name is Zoja and I’m 12 years old. I have one sister named Kaja. We live in a block of flats with our mum. In my spare time I play volleyball and do karate. At weekends I love to spend time with my family. We go often skiing, hiking, cycling and having fun. In summer we also love to travel.

2 years ago my sister, aunt, uncle and me went to London by plane. On 12th of June 2017 we packed our bags and drove to Trieste airport. At 11pm we landed in London. In next days we visited a lot of different places such as:

  • Buckingham palace, royal residences
  • Trafalgar square, public square that commemorates to the battle of Trafalgar
  • Madame Tussauds, museum with waxworks of famous and historic people
  • Piccadilly circus, busy meeting place
  • London eye, a huge observation wheel

My favourite place we visited was M&M World.

I realized I love British culture, because people are very polite and friendly. I also tried their traditional dish fish and chips. It’s fried fish with fried potato, and sometimes you get peas with it.

After 3 days of interesting travelling and discovering new places we sadly had to go home.

I was so excited about  this trip because I got it for my birthday. The day we left our home I was so nervous because I had to go on a plane for the first time in my life. In London I felt a bit unsafe because a week before we came, there was a terrorist attack.

Visiting all of these new places I learnt a lot  about British history and culture.


Čestitamo učenki Zoji Kalan in mentorici, ge. Mariji Burnik.

BESEDILO in FOTO: Zoja Kalan, 7. a